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Chelan Public Works Street Department
Tel: (509) 682-8030

Maintains approximately 22.8 miles of paved streets.
Maintains approximately 5.1 miles of alleys.
Maintains and installs street and traffic signs.
Trims trees on the street right-of-way.
Removes snow and ice, keeps streets sanded when weather demands.
Provides weed control on the City right-of-way.
Cleans and maintains storm drainage ditches.
Responds to complaints about trees or vegetation overgrowth onto sidewalks or streets.
Issues permits and inspects excavations in the streets.
Develops a priority list each year of streets to be paved in our yearly overlay program.


1. How often does my street get swept?
Street sweeping occurs on each street during our Spring cleanup in March. The downtown business areas are swept each Tuesday morning.

2. Why doesnít the sweeper sweep curb to curb?
In some cases, cars parked on the side of the street prevent the sweeper from getting to the gutter line and curb where most of the road debris accumulates.

3. Can I park my car on the street during winter months?
You can park on City streets during the winter months EXCEPT during posted parking ban hours.

4. Why is snow pushed into my driveway by street plows?
Itís really unavoidable. We know of no other City of our size in Washington which removes snow from residentís driveways. It would cost thousands of dollars to provide such a service. Our crews try to move snow back to curb as soon after the storm as possible. However, during heavy snowstorms, thawing conditions, and storms which require push back after the storm, we are as careful as possible.

5. Can I, as a resident, push snow from my property onto the sidewalk or street?
No, a City ordinance restricts this act. Pushing snow back onto a sidewalk or street is not only a violation of City law, but may bring liability if this dumping of snow causes an accident.

6. Do some streets get more of a priority during a snowstorm?
Yes, main arteries, hills, bus routes, and streets to emergency services are plowed first. The remaining areas are plowed as part of a regular series of routes assigned to individual drivers.

7. Someone is digging in front of my house and making a mess.
Anyone who wants to dig in the public right-of-way is required to obtain an excavation permit. People who excavate in City streets are required to minimize the impact of construction on the public.

8. Why are you digging up a street you just paved?
Before the City paves a street, all utilities and fronting property owners are notified and given the opportunity to do any work requiring excavation before the street is paved. After the City paves a street, no one is allowed to excavate in it, except for emergencies. Obviously, if a water or sewer leak is detected we want those leaks repaired immediately.

9. When will my street be overlayed?
We inspect the physical condition of each of our streets every year. The streets are rated based upon the ride quality (bumpiness), cracking, surface erosion, and the number and size of utility trenches in each block. These rating components, combined with traffic volume and traffic loading, give a fair estimate of how much longer the pavement on a certain block will last before it will have to be resurfaced. We can then rank the streets City-wide and see which blocks need our attention first.

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